Getting Started

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I do not claim to be the owner of
any of any photographs used and/or taken from the television series Lucky Star.

I’m finally getting started on my way to analysis how much of a historical source George Clooney’s “Good Night, and Good Luck” is for the standoff between Edward R. Murrow and Senator McCarthy.

I updated the About page, and will continue to update the blog as time goes on.  Until I really get it rolling, the actually page about Good Night, and Good Luck will be for my eyes only.  Sorry everyone!  Wish me luck in continuing to update and figure the umwblogs thing out!  I finally found pictures and text color!! 🙂


And Time Passes…

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Every time the sun rises and sets, time passes.  We go on with our lives and the more humans live, the more history there is for us to study and pick apart.  As the sun sets on one great empire it rises for the next.  Wars, famine, joy, love, expansion, conflicts will come and go And Time Passes.


Howdy y’all!

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Howdy everyone!   This page will be rather bland until I get everything up to speed, but until then look forward to my umwblog page for US History in Film! :-D!!

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