In the End….

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In the end, I decided to go ahead and post my project today.  I was leaving for the weekend and wont have much of a chance to work on this project after today.  I have spent many days writing up the history of the event and then coparing the movie to that history.  Every day I added something new and took away other stuff.  I’ve grown very tired and decided that enough is enough, I will go ahead and publish the project.  Besides, now Booger (my kitty) and I can take a snooze together. 😉

I feel I put a lot of good hard work into the project, and even though I’m not all that creative I tried to spice it up to the best of my ability.  Hopefully I’m not in error in posting the project already, but I feel it is the best I will be able to do for now.

Its Been Fun and Stressful,

Ashley Wilkins

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