I am not religious,

but I have faith that everything happens for a reason,

and change must be, and will forever be, violent.

I am not and will never be “all or nothing.”

I see all sides.  I doubt everything I do not know as a whole,

and complete, truth.

Yet I have faith in my friends.

My Family.

Those I love…

but not in myself.

I listen to my heart, not my mind.  I try to, anyway.

Reason, logic…they are powerful emotions.

But above all others… there is love.

It topples nations.

It destroys worlds.

It destroys lives, and makes new life.

It keeps the world spinning,

and can stop at any moment.

There are people in this world I would do anything,


I would die for these people.

I would kill to protect them.

I love them more than anything,

and that will never change.

This is my religion.

This is my life.

And I still don’t know how to live it alone.

I’m trying to find that one thing I need to, and

for that, to whatever distances it may bring me, I

will reappear again one day.

I don know how to have fun, and love to Cosplay (Costume Play) as favorite characters from various series.  Its also fun to go and slide down slides at parks in said costumes. >.> <.<  The outfit above is Ino Yamanaka’s costume from Naruto.